Improve your golf score? Improve your short game at Balmoral Short Game Practice Facilities:

The secret of golf satisfaction is the short game. While many golfers work on their distance and their strength, 50% of your score comes from 75 yards away from the green.  The short game is the most varied and complex aspect of golf. Are you working on improving your game by improving distance? It is your short game improvement that can make the most immediate and significant difference in your score.

Balmoral's short game facilities gives you the green spaces to work on all aspects of your short game.
Your short game needs a green to practice your chip shot, pitch shot as well as your bunker shot and putting.  Balmoral's short game hole 10, features a golf green with plenty of space to practice your chip shots and your pitch shot. The bunkers around the green are ideal for working on that bunker shot.

Have you practiced your Flop shot? Balmoral's short game hole 10 provides several green surfaces to let you work on getting the ball up in the air next to the pin. 

With Balmoral's two putting practice areas your have two different surfaces with multiple cups to work on reading greens and feeling the break of the green.

Balmoral's practice range is the place to bring your irons to test your approach shots, work on the precision of your irons and improve your score from 75 feet away from the green.

Do you have a practice plan to work on your short game? Balmoral has the short game practice facilities that can help you improve your short game.

Schedule your short game practice at Balmoral today by calling 317-900-9992.